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Two tours for you to take



Join me on a jazzy ride with three events in one.


  1. We'll join the Becel Ride for heart riding on the Don Valley and Fred Gardiner Expressways,
  2.  Visit the beginnings of Toronto along the Lakeshore
  3.  Travel to the Distillery Jazz Festival in the Gooderham and Worts complex.


It will take about three hours and cover three miles. It is an easy ride without hills on a circular route away from traffic. If you dont have a bike why not rent one. I can tell you where to do so and you can join us for the fun. Cost is $10. Please phone and confirm you are coming by calling Bill Genova at 416-367-0380.




1.      Bill Genova is the host

2.      Youll find out who put the grid in gridlock.

3.      What happens to traffic when we face the next oil embargo?

4.      How many kinds of bagels a bakery can make

5.      Where the buried creeks of Toronto are

6.      The real beginnings of Toronto thanks to the French

7.      Why there are only nine pillars on the Princes Gates

8.      Why you aren't pedaling under water when you ride the Lakeshore.

9.      Who was Gooderham and Worts

10. Why Toronto has islands




      9:00 a.m. We meet at my place. Although I am at 114 Parliament we will be meeting behind my house. There is a parking lot for 20 cars so you can leave your car for free. To get there go to 95 Berkeley St and travel down the lane on the south side. Be there early.

      9:01 a.m. We leave to join the Becel ride for heart. We are approximately four blocks from the Don Valley Parkway that has been closed for the Becel ride. We will proceed north up the Don Valley Parkway to the Bloor Street Viaduct. Then we will turn around and travel south to the Fred Gardiner turning west and proceeding to the Jamieson ramp. Here we will get off and come back through the CNE visiting Fort Rouille and the Stanley Barracks and hear the story of Ned Hanlan.

      10:00 a.m. A visit to Fort York and explanation of the history of the founding of York, which became Toronto.

      10:30 a.m. traveling along the Martin Goodman trail over to the original ten blocks that made up York. We will visit the historic buildings of district including the St Lawrence Market, St James Cathedral, the first jail and court house, Leader Lane, Quetton St Georges first brick house, Toronto Street, the Bank of Upper Canada, the 4th Post Office, Consumers Gas buildings and more.

      11:00 a.m. a visit to the historic 200-year-old St Lawrence market were you can have your lunch at any number of great venues.

      12:00 p.m. Arrive at the Distillery District and the complex of buildings know as Gooderham and Worts. We will join in the fun at the Distillery. Jazz Festival. During the afternoon you can enjoy the weekend matinees from one to five and its free. You can also wander through the complex of buildings that are becoming Torontos newest Arts District.


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