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Well, I have been running NETWORK-NETWORK for 17 years now. I wanted it to provide an opportunity to network from a personal and business bases. Over the years that is what has occurred. There are a few who were there from day one and many have come and gone over the years. Many a business deal had its beginnings at NETWORK-NETWORK and many a social meeting lead to a date, friendship, love and in some cases even marriage. By recollection there has been one marriage each of the 17 years.


Over the years to be honest I personally have met a great number of wonderful people who I am pleased to now call friends. I personally have taken advantage of the business opportunities when they have presented themselves. Socially I have enjoyed each NETWORK-NETWORK evening and had the pleasure of the company of the fair sex. I have never followed up outside of NETWORK-NETWORK. Surprise. However fate finally has caught up with me last year when I met a lady at NETWORK-NETWORK by the name of Elizabeth. With her I have won life’s lottery and can tell you as I have announced on many an occasions she is the woman I love. As a result with apologizes I have let NETWORK-NETWORK slide over the past months.


I have decided to have a NETWORK-NETWORK in September. This may be the final opportunity to network with the same invitation I have given over the years. Always the third Wednesday of each month. There is no charge for joining NETWORK-NETWORK and no cost for attending. Finger food is gratis. So come on out and say goodbye to the way we did NETWORK-NETWORK* for the past 17 years.


The LAST HURRAH NETWORK-NETWORK EVENING will be held on Wednesday, Sept 19th. It will be at Tappo located in the Stone Distillery Building in the Distillery Complex located at 55 Mill Street. If you don’t know where it is ask at the front gate or look at maps posted on the buildings. The time is 5 p.m.


So please join me and network once again.





*That evening you will be provided with the opportunity to sign up and attend the NEW NETWORK-NETWORK. It requires a $50 one time deposit and it will cost $15 for each NETWORK-NETWORK evening in the future.