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I don't think I was prescient about anything -- I started squeaking because my wheel wasn't getting any grease.  Like most guys, when it hit me, I realized that it hurt.  What's different about me is I that I went public as much as I did.  I honestly expected that people like Steve -- and he is only a symbol for a whole set -- who were always into social justice and such things, simply averted their eyes, so long as it wasn't them that was being gored.  When those things were going on, all my male friends denied what I was saying, and wrote me off as a loser. 

The male of the species isn't worth a shit, anymore.  They have no principles when it comes to doing a little larceny for pussy.  Women know this.

So I don't really agree with you about all of that, flattering as you make it sound.  Men are now fucked.  They price of their neglect will be paid by their sons and grandsons, who are losing their ability to be 'men' in the older sense.  Look at the different successes of our daughters and our sons.  It's all the product of the system.  Look at the Longstaff kids.  I gather the daughter has every chance of a stage career, and has all kinds of choices -- but what about his son?  I never hear anything good about him.  He seems to have no prospects, and his parents have all the traditional expectations -- that he'll get a professional job and spend his life supporting his own wife and urchins. 

Guys know, just as I know that the male sex sold out their sons' birthright because they wanted women to think they were cool.  They actually listened to all this 'male conspiracy' stuff, without wondering why they never got invited to the meetings.  Now, we have a generation of young men, the brightest of whom know that they, as men, have nothing left to lose.  They live a sexual life that threatens to victimize them by saddling them with the support of women, who get the jobs.  So, they aren't going along with it anymore.  The birth rate has declined to the point we aren't even replaced ourselves.

You know how bad it is?  Tiger Woods has an affair.  His wife attacks him with golf clubs, to the point where there's lots of blood.  He tries to escape, and can't successfully drive the car.  He crashes.  The police come, and take Tiger away.  She walks away, free and clear, no domestic violence charge, and with half of his money and all of his kids.  He gets public humiliation.  And all the sports reporters, any one of whom would think he died and went to heaven if he woke up with any of those weight-room, breast-enhanced babes in their bed, point the finger and howl with glee. So there.

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