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Book this day for the upcoming high social season


You'll think you've gone to heaven this Christmas season when you join the rest of us at NETWORK-NETWORK when we meet at Halo Bistro and Wine Bar. As well as angels I sure there will be a few devils amongst us, but in the spirit of the season I am sure we can be forgiving.


On Wednesday, December 18th NETWORK-NETWORK will meeting at Halo, at 270 King Street West right next door to the Royal Alex theatre. We will be enjoying ourselves starting at 5 p.m. and continuing late into the night.


This is the most popular NETWORK-NETWORK evening of the year and you are invited to bring a friend or for that matter bring your friends. This venue holds over 500 people and truly at Christmas more then any other time of the year, the more the merrier.


Yes, we will be having dancing so wear your dancing shoes. Since this is a Christmas party dressing up is the order of the day. For ladies this is party dress and for the gentleman obviously shirt and tie with suit or jacket, or if you are a real gentleman, black tie.


To be safe and enjoy yourself to delinquency you can take the TTC. Get off at St. Andrew station, surface, proceed west on King Street two blocks to Halo. If you care to drive you can find parking south of Halo under the Metro Centre. 


As always there is no charge for joining NETWORK-NETWORK, no charge for attending, finger food is gratis and there is a cash bar. We carry this Christmas spirit throughout the year for every NETWORK-NETWORK evening.


With Christmas approaching I am sure you will be out socializing more so then during the rest of the year. Make a mental or actual note to book the Christmas NETWORK-NETWORK.