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90 Years of Music plus Classical Steel Concert & Reception, Wednesday, Nov 20th, 8 p.m.


An evening of classical music both usual and unusual. The music will be of  composer you are familiar with like Adaskin, Brahms, Gershwin, Holman, LeClair, Mozart, and Strauss.

The usual is called 90 years of music and. will be performed by Eugene Kash violinist, Angelo Calcafuoco, violin, Jonathan Craig, viola, Anagnoson and Kinton Senya Trubashnik, oboe. Eugene Kash has been a violin teacher and taught generations of student violinist.

The unusual is called Classical Steel and it is classical music played in a Caribbean fashion by Denise Williams, soprano; Andre Rouse, steel pan; Nina Shapilsky, piano.

A reception will follow the performance.

This is a charity event to support the International Resource Centre for Performing Artist, (IPCPA) which is a non-profit, charitable organization, whose mandate is to help freelance classical performing artists make the transition from graduation to steady employment, and to help audiences understand the preparation and needs of the artists they will eventually enjoy in performance.

This evening will be on Wednesday November 20, 2002, 8 p.m. (you can attend after you have come out to NETWORK-NETWORK like I am doing. It will take place at the Royal Conservatory of Music's Ettore Mazzolini Concert Hall located at 273 Bloor St West (just west of Avenue Road). It is an inexpensive $25 for an evening of classical music. A tax receipt will be issued. For tickets please call 416-362-1422.

This evening is being organized by a wonderful a lady I know called Anne Summers. To find out more about her, (IPCPA) and this special evening please go to the following web site Youll find the concert listed under Special events.