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Club Lucky on June 18th

Great place in the heart of the Entertainment District

For those of you born under a lucky star a little more good luck wont hurt. I know that this NETWORK-NETWORK evening will be a felicitous, providential, auspicious, propitious, favourable evening for you to network at. In short this is one time I am sure you will get lucky since it is being held at Club Lucky. At Club Lucky you will be as lucky as you can be and meet someone who is great or will bring you luck, guaranteed. (Failing all else you could get lucky with me. Offer applies to ladies only).


Club Lucky is the creation of Al Carbone and Cathy Horvath. Their other great place is the Internationally famous Kit Kat, an Italian restaurant on King Street West. Al & Cathy created Club Lucky to cater to those who have the taste for a fine juicy steak, and enjoy a fine glass of wine in a comfortable atmosphere.  They claim it is the best little steak house in town and I concur fully.  Its superb!


Club Lucky is located at 117 John Street. John Street is a north/south street, and CITY-TV is located at the corner of John and Queen Street West. Club Lucky is two and half blocks south on the east side of the street. The date is Wednesday, June 18th and we start networking at 5 p.m.