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In support of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Heres a super way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I have attended this event for two years now and thoroughly enjoy it each time. It is presented by the Associates of the Toronto Symphony Orchestar who stage this afternoot tea with music to support the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Heres how you can attend.

Sunday, Nov 30th fom 2 to 5 pm (Cash bar opens at 1:15 pm) at the Trinity Ballroom, in the Toronto Marriott Eaton Centre, located at 525 Bay St, just south of Dundas. A trio will provide the music with Sasah Luminsky on the accordian, Bill Bridges guitar, and Lenny Solomon Violin. Afternoon tea to follow. Tickets are $50 with a partial tax receipt provided. If you want tickets or information call Shelia at 416-782-1956.