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Feb 18th we are at Angelini's formerly a historic Gooderham Home

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This month's networking will be set in the most elegant and historic locations we have ever attended. It will be at one of the Gooderham family's homes on Jarvis St. We know it now as Angelini's Restaurant and Bar.


It is extravagant and one of the finest homes from the halcyon days of Jarvis Street. It has been preserved intact. NETWORK-NETWORK will be networking here on Wednesday, February 18th starting at 5 p.m. The exact address is 504 Jarvis Street four blocks south of Bloor. They have parking for 16 cars next door in their lot. Yes we will be having dancing.


Here's a chance to network in a beautiful historic location and catch up not only on your fellow networkers but some of the history of Toronto as well. If this evening is a great success they are thinking of slanting their efforts to catering to mature people like us all the time and Toronto may at last have a place for adults to go and dance and network full time all week long.


Here's a little more of the history of this Gooderham House. In 1886, George Horace Gooderham, grandson of William Gooderham (founder of the famous Gooderham and Worts distillery of Toronto), purchased the former lacrosse field at the northwest corner of Cawthra Square and Jarvis Street from William Jarvis (after whom the street was named). In 1891, the architect David Roberts built this fine example of red sandstone Romanesque Revival style architecture as Mr. Gooderham's home.


The York Club at St. George and Bloor Street was also designed by Mr. Roberts as the home of George Gooderham, father of George Horace Gooderham. The original William Gooderham who had founded the great Gooderham and Worts Distillery business lived at a less attractive location. It was the manner of his day to live beside where you worked. Much like my grandparents who lived above the fruit store they owned. His home was located on Mill Street across the street from his distillery amidst the sights and smells of this Victorian Industrial district of Toronto. Bet you didnt know that.


Make a special effort to come to this evening. It is a special evening at a special place.

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