Floridian Christmas 2001
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My Aunt Irene holds court at Christmas. Each year as sure as the swallows come back to Capastrano we all return to her home in Ft. Lauderdale. She is the almost the last of her generation on the Genova and Zuorro sides. She is like a great Matron Elephant leading the herd of kith, kin and friends. She has the longest memory and the entire herd depends on her for their very social survial. Directed and organized by her the rites of Christmas are celbrated in time honoured manners. The entire house is tranformed outside and in, to a magical Christmas Kingdom. The door is nailed permanently open for all to enter. The Saturday before, Santa and Frosty make a personal visit to the delight of children and those who haven't grow up yet. Christmas morning is celebrated with exchanges of gifts and later the the great groaning Christmas table is populated for dinner by those who beleive in Christmas. Yes Virginia there is an old fashion warm Christmas, and it is celebrated at my Aunt Irene's.

Love Billy


My Aunt Irene

Above you will see the photo albums of this years wonderful Christmas. Click on them and enjoy!