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My Art Works hung in a virtual gallery

I want to be remembered as Leonardo da Genova


I think, all of us, since we played at art in kindergarten wanted to get back to playing at art again. When we do, most of us produce the same art we did back then. I went back and I surprised myself. I hope the following artwork surprises you to. Click on the picture to see the art work. See below.

INSTRUCTIONS; The rules of Internet keep changing. At one time you could go directly to a photo album and view its contents for free. Now you can still view them for free but you have to do a hop step and jump to accomplish the same thing. You have only have to do this one time, but remember what you are doing.


When you click on the picture you want to save, up will come a screen asking you to join Ofoto where the photos are stored. Please do so its free. When you do this you then can view the photo album. If you want to print any of the photos please follow the following instructions. When you are in the slide program right click on your mouse on the picture that you want. A drop down box will appear and one of its elections is save to file. Do so. After you have stored the photos you want go to your photo program and print the photos.


Sorry for the hop step and jump but I have to discover another way of doing it. Kodak owns Ofoto and the selection of another site to store the photos may be too risky. Sorry for the inconvenience.