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Bill Genova's company offical guide for St. Lawrence Market

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My touring company is now the official guide with the St. Lawrence Market. We do Foodie Tours of the market every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday starting at 10 a.m. They last for two hours and you will learn the history of the market and surrounding area by visiting the market and Old Town Toronto. Here is the best part you get to sample a bakers dozen of the vendors of the market. The cost is $20. If you had the opportunity to talk to those who have taken this tour their playback would be it was informative, fun and fattening. All right I exaggerated the last part.


So if you are at loose ends or you have guests this summer here is an enjoyable way to learn about your hometown. If you have a church group, work group, ski club, gardening society etc., this is a great outing for all concerned. The market is supporting these tours through a heavy promotion campaign and each tour is limited to 12 people with some exceptions so you have to book ahead. You can phone me at 416-367-0380 or email me at


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