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Two months in a row at Chocolate
so I am calling this Double Chocolate


Well here is the news about our Christmas Party. I have titled this year's Christmas Party Double Chocolate. The reason is we were at Chocolate Lounge for the month of November and everybody loved it and we are visiting it again for December. Hence, Double Chocolate. In addition to the front bar, they have opened the back lounge bar and expanded the dance floor. We definitely will be having dancing so wear your dancing shoes. 


You'll find this great place at 193 King St East, 1 blocks east of Jarvis Street. The date is Wednesday, Dec 17th and the starting time is 5 p.m. Plan on staying late and plan on dancing. You are requested to dress your finest for this occasion, your Sunday Best. For ladies you'll have no trouble dressing as usual. For you gentleman this means shirt and tie, suit or sports jacket.


This would be the ideal time to bring a friend. NETWORK-NETWORK only works if there are people to network with on a social or business bases. Think of it as a Christmas present to me. (Ladies preferred of course). Mmmmm you're sure to have a good time at the NETWORK-NETWORK Christmas Party at Chocolate Lounge.


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