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Foodies Tour of St Lawrence Market, April 3rd, 10 a.m.

Side order of the history of the area.

If you like food and history then this is the tour for you. We will visit in the market a bakers dozen of food shops, 13 in all. You'll have the opportunity to taste many of the meats, fishes, cheeses, fruits, honeys, mustards, and breads you'll find at the market. Many of the owners will tell you details of the foods you will be eating.


When I set up the tour I visited and sampled what you will taste on the tour. I spent a fascinating hour with Oleg, a former beekeeper, who owns Honey World. He had me taste over 25 different kinds of honey. It was similar to a wine tasting with each honey having its own characteristics and after taste. Each one of the owners spent similar time with me and is looking forward to having you as their guest to tell the story of their food items.


You'll also hear the history of the market from its beginnings. This is the fourth market to bear the name St. Lawrence. You'll walk along jail corridors underneath the market, become aware of the ghost of the third city hall, which makes up the main entrance to the market.


When we have had our fill we will leave the market and travel east through the first 10 blocks of Toronto then called York. Then back west along King St. visiting the site of the first churches, jails, and courthouses were. Down to Wellington and Front Street once the financial and commercial centre of the city. Other streets in this area were lined with commercial offices and warehouses, theatres and brothels.


It is on Saturday, April 3rd at 10 a.m. We meet at the main entrance to the south market. Tour lasts two hours. Limited to 12 people. Cost $20. Confirmation and Information call Bill Genova at 416-367-0380 or email me at