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Old Town Tour Saturday, Feb 28th


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This is a tour Torontoians love. Local history brought to life. Walk in the footsteps of Lord Simcoe, William Lyon McKenzie, George Brown, Thornton Blackburn and many others through the 10 blocks that make up historic York.



Meet at 10 am at the St Lawrence Market at the SW corner of Jarvis and Front Street inside the main entrance.


Three hours at a distance of approximatley three miles. Cost $10. Confirmation must be made before hand by calling Bill Genova at 416-367-0380.


  • Meeting at St Lawrence Market inside the main entrance of the South market. A short history of why Toronto was located here and an overview of its history.
  • Moving out to George St, one block away, the eastern boundary of the Old Town of York and proceeding north up two blocks to Adelaide
  • On Adelaide visit the Upper Canada Bank, Da LaSalle Institute, the Post Office, Campbell House, Christie Biscuits
  • Travel Frederick St south to Front St, hearing of Quinton St. George and Alexander Wood. 
  • Travel east on Front St viewing the industrial buildings now converted to other uses
  • Visit Berkeley Castle and the Esplande
  • Visit the site of the first Parliament building
  • Drop in of the Distillery District at Gooderham & Worts
  • See the oldest school operating in Toronto which is also the site of a black man and woman who founded Toronto's first cab company 
  • Travel north to the Enoch Turner school house and Little Trinity Church
  • Travel up Power Street past where Providence House was and visit historic St. Paul's Bascilica
  • Travel east on Queen viewing the Dominion Hotel and Brewery
  • Stop at the Berkeley Church now an event centre 
  • Walk south on Berkeley taking in the Christie Stables, Firehouse theatre, workmen houses
  • At corner of Berkeley and King hear of Berkeley House, the duel fought there and the history of the other corners
  • Travel west along King being told the history of each of the corners and how York grew westward along King
  • Here the story of the St Lawrence Hall
  • Locating on King St the horse trough, memorial fountain, outdoor sculpture garden
  • St James Cathedral, Toronto's first church 
  • Courthouse Square where Toronto's jail and courthouse was located 
  • Historic Toronto Street
  • Toronto's first jail located where the King Edward is
  • South down Leader Lane
  • View the Colborne Block 
  • Hearing the story of Wellington St in Victorian times now gone
  • Visit Toronto's Grand Truck Railway station where the Hummingbird Centre is
  • The wonderful buildings on the south side of Front St still standing
  • Arrival back at St Lawrence Market