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ALLEYCATZ is the place on Wednesday, Oct 18th

A puuurfect place to network

Alleycatz is where we are on Wednesday, Oct 15th for NETWORK-NETWORK. We have been there on many occasions and the music is great, the ambience right on and the networking the best.


With the fall weather its nice to have the warmth of each others smiles, and the soothing effect of a melifluous voice to make an occasion pleasant. You can gather I was a copy writer at one point in my life.


Alleycatz is located at 2409 Yonge St., two half blocks north of Eglinton. Networking starts at 5 p.m. We've gathered here before and you can have a beer or a more sophisticated martini. If you are hungry you can enjoy in addition to the finger food that is gratis superb selections from their menu.


So come on out rub up against some old and new friends, you're sure to have a puurfect evening amongst friends.