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  1. Walking Tour of Kensington, Saturday, Oct 18th
  2. Executive Bus Wine Tour of the Niagara Wine Country, Saturday, Oct 25th
  3. Annual walking Boo Tour of St James and the Necropolis Cemeteries, Sunday, Oct 26th


Saturday, Oct 18th, Walking Tour of Torontos First Multicultural Neighbourhood Kensington.


Since the late 1800s, the Kensington area of Toronto has witnessed the dreams and struggles of successive waves of immigrants. Countless thousands of European Jews, Hungarians, Portuguese, Asians, Blacks and other groups have come to Kensington and made it their home, their workplace, their village.


Youll learn of Kensingtons start founded by the Denison family who were 19th century, high Tory, Anglican Military landowners. The sub division of their lands which were then sold and occupied initially by people from the British Isles. The subsequent mass move in of the Jews from the Ward at the beginning of the 19th Century. The arrival of other ethnic groups from Hungary and Portugal.


Kensington remains a place where, for generations, an attitude of racial, ethnic and even moral values survive in harmony. Only last week I relived the 60s and legally, I state that again, legally smoked a joint on the back patio of Roch-a-rama amongst 30 or 40 kids that could, had I been an early starter now be my children and grandchildren. And yes, viewing this is part of the tour.


The tour is three hours and we will meet Saturday, Oct 18th at 10 am at the NE corner of Spadina and Dundas. At the conclusion we may stay together for lunch as well.


Cost of the tour is $10. This is to be paid in advance, as soon as possible to Bill Genova. For more information or to book, contact me at 416-367-0380 or by email at



Saturday, Oct 25th, Custom All Day Wine Bus Tour like no other hosted by me on.


The tour is by a stretch Mini Executive Bus that holds 12 but I am limiting it to 8 people for comfort. Heres the Itinerary:


        Meet at 8:30 am behind 95 Berkeley St (Near King and Parliament) There is free parking or the Street Car comes within two blocks.

        9 am leave for Historic Hamilton Market

        10 am Arrive at Historic Hamilton Market tour and shop at your leisure

        10:30 am travel by Old Hwy 8 through the communities of Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Beamsville, Vineland, and Jordan Harbour as we progress.

        Visiting the 6 Wineries along the Bench Wine Route such as Peninsula Ridge Estates, Angels Gate, Thirty Bench, Crown Bench Estates, Vineland Estates and Magnotta Wineries

        12:30 pm Lunch at East Dell Estates which is included in your ticket with a choices of one of three items from the menu. Wine is extra if desired.

        2 pm Travel over to Niagara Peninsula touring wineries such as Hillebrand Estates, Peller Estates, Politer Estates, and Inniskillin

        4 pm visit charming and historic Niagara-on-the-Lake. Wander around at your leisure and shop or visit the many historic sites

        5 pm leave for Toronto and return to 95 Berkeley St


If any of you have joined me on any of my tours you know I try to inform you of the history of the area or attraction and add a lot of trivia. Sometimes maybe to much but nobody has been bold enough to complain yet.


Last year I did this tour with 40 people who had a wonderful time according to them. I have decided to limit this years number but if enough are interested I may expand this trip with a larger bus like last year or run a second tour with the Mini Executive Bus a week later.



This entire full day is $75. All taxes and gratuities are included. This is to be paid in advance, as soon as possible to Bill Genova. For more information or to book, contact me at 416-367-0380 or by email at I hope youll join me.




Sunday, Oct 26th The 2nd Annual Walking Boo Tour of St. James Cemetery, Necropolis and Cabbagetown


Heres a great way to spend a fall day, with a walking tour through St. James Cemetery the Necropolis Cemetery and Cabbagetown. Every wondered whose is buried in Grants Tomb as Gaucho Marks use to say. Well youll find out about whose buried in the tombs of these cemeteries the rich and famous, and  the scoundrels. Youll also experience learning the meanings of the symbols on the gravestones. Youll learn some of Torontos history, get you in the mood for Halloween, enjoy the company of and break bread with others all in one package.


Youll hear the story of Graveyards, Garden Cemeteries, and Memorial Parks. All are sites where we inter our dead, but each name conjures a different time and placea vastly different place. Death in the desolate graveyard is brutalized, in the landscaped garden cemetery romanticized, and in the often-lampooned modern memorial park commercialized. How people in a certain era bury their dead says much about the people, their historical time, and the prevailing attitudes toward death and dying. In the last 150 years, we have seen the bodys last earthy address undergo a radical transformation unlike any in previous history.


Youll find St James and the Necropolis Cemeteries have many faces: They are both Garden Cemeteries and Memorial Parks; both have extraordinary arboretum; floral and horticultural features rivaling the best public gardens on the continent; places of tranquility, reflection and remembrance; a place for passive recreation; architecture that is both pleasing and unique; a permanent record of our heritage to speak to future generations; a haven for wildlife, a resource centre for all levels of education; a commemorative facility where families and individuals can express the widest choice of ways to pay a tribute to a life lived.


These two cemeteries have many of the historic figures of Toronto such as William Lyon Mackenzie, Gooderham and Worts, many of the Jarvis family, the early pioneers from the Potters Cemetery, which was located at Bloor and Yonge. Most buried here are British, Scottish or Irish. There are many early thin white gravestones here as well as Renaissance and Gothic styles. With the exclusion of a few sculpted angles, there are no sculptures of saints, as in Catholic cemeteries. Youll learn about the many symbols carved on monuments, what a broken column means, and acanthus leaf, hands, grapes, and an Eye in a triangle.


This tour will put you in the right frame of mind for Halloween.  In fact it will be spooktacular. Remember Halloween has it roots in as the eve of All Hollows Day, the day of the dead. On Sunday, October 26th, 10:00 a.m. we will meet at the gate of the St. James Cemetery located on Parliament just south of Bloor on the east side. Cost of the tour is $10. This is to be paid in advance, as soon as possible to Bill Genova. For more information or to book, contact me at 416-367-0380 or by email at




We tour this graveyard then the Necropolis, lunch and then Cabbagetown. Lunch at the Winchester Hotel is on your own account.


Hope youll join me all three of these tours.


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