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November 20th we are at Alleycatz again

Pre Christmas warm up party


Here's a place all you cool cats seem to enjoy called Alleycatz. We were there a few months ago in the summer and a large crowd showed up. It is elegant, airy and beautiful. So come on out rub up against some old and new friends, you're sure to have a puurfect evening of networking.
The date is Wednesday, November 20th starting at 5 p.m. We will be gathering at Alleycatz a great restaurant / jazz bar located at 2409 Yonge St., two half blocks north of Eglinton. Its owner/host is an amiable Italian John Campini. It is an ideal set up to either have a martini, dance or a meal. We will be dancing again to great group, which preformed the last time we visited called Vivian Clement and Co. So start meowing to your friends to get them to attend as well. Also in keeping with theme of Alleycatz as a jazz club you could even jazz up this message and send it along to them as well.