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This party should be real sweet

Chocolate1. food product prepared from ground and roasted cacao beans, which still retain the fat. 2. beverage made by dissolving chocolate or cocoa in hot milk or water and adding sugar 3. candy made of or coated with chocolate: a box of chocolates 4. dark-brown colour 5. exceptional restaurant lounge, located at 193 King St East


I discovered this great place recently in the middle of York. Never heard of York? It was the first ten blocks from which Toronto grew. It is a classy place with two lounges and a restaurant. Run by a young owner Gary Yan who created an inviting venue for us to enjoy. Yes we will be having dancing.


NETWORK NETWORK will be gathering at this new location on Wednesday, Nov 19th starting at 5 p.m. It is called Chocolate Restaurant Lounge and it is located at 193 King St East, 1 blocks east of Jarvis Street.