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Christmas gifts from Rafael Sunday Nov 23

Canada's foremost creator of collectible handcrafted jewellery


If you grew up in Toronto you may be aware of Rafael, Canada's foremost creator of collectible handcrafted jewelry since 1970. His jewelry and other signed creations have become collectible items. Also he has created, paintings, art and other collectibles, and objects d'arts, like wall clocks.

Fortunately, this Sunday, November 23rd you will have the opportunity to visit the home studio of Rafael and purchase direct from the artist many pieces from his original designs, now considered, "the early Rafael collectibles.

In addition he will also have his newly signed and dated creations on sale at prices far less than the vintage collection. Some are "Identical Replicas," others are re-designed to be worn with leather or silk chokers and some are what I call the "New Look."

Rafaels policy has always been to offer the best possible value at the lowest possible price.  Drop by his home studio and see all of this and more for yourself. Check out his web site at and his phone number is 416-924-1163. Check out the web site and give him a call to tell him you are coming over.

This event is for men and woman. It is an ideal time to pick up a present for yourself or someone you know would appreciate a beautiful original gift for Christmas.

Rafaels Wine and Cheese Open house is Sunday, November 23rd from 2 to 4 p.m. at Manulife Centre, 44 Charles St West Suite 4003.