Who's Who of the Saturday Morning Club
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Who's Who of the Saturday Morning Club
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Saturday Morning Club

All of us are unique in our own way

This man makes his own horseshoes for luck

Jim is not only good with numbers he is good with his hands. He has made our corner of the world more comfortable by providing a place to hang our coats and bags. A big thank you. He also is a talented photographer whose cards are a delight.

Former PM of the Philippines

Neila is know as the better half of Jim. Usually quiet but has been know to break out and chatter with a smile.

Silent Bill?

Bill, yes it's me. I am the chronological recorder of events and author of this web site. I enjoy photography, storytelling and doing as little work as possible. In short I do swell things nice.

"Don't eat ice cream around them," they will scream

The Campbells, Norm and Elaine. Our famous power couple. You can't have one without the other. They are the central axis each Saturday morning. The only time they are not with us is when they retreat each summer to their island Camelot off the coast of Canada called Green Gables. Sadly Norman has passed away but is fondly remembered.

Our resident two munchkins.

Paul and Gwen are the proud parents of Hammsters. Their story is much like Jewish families. In their old age their children have not sent them to Florida but rather have  paid for their vacation to Portugal instead. How nice. Sadly Paul has passed away but is fondly remembered.

Does anybody know me?

Tilley is the name, endurable is the game. Alex is in the schmata business. His rags can be seen all over the world. In fact his customers even send pictures back of them wearing his gear in front the Effiel Tower, trekking down the steps to Kathmandu, rafting on the Colarado. The pictures and destinations are endless. What is the difference between durable and endurable?

She can tell you where go to get lost

Ricki was attracted to work for a Scottish touring company. Being Jewish it may have been genetic. Chances are they have the best travel trips in the world that's why. Mind you only 6/49 winners can take them.

Robbie Burns' great, great,,great,great,great, great grandeaughter

A bonnie lass. Add some Latin spice and you've got Scottish nice. My how poetic but when it comes to May like all young men I am inspired.

Says he's from the Colony in Toronto




After serving for years in the Colony,  Penn has returned to civilization with the knowledge of how to be hospitable and tour at the same time.




Our party animal

This is not our Guy in Havana but our Guy at the Tax Department. However most of us remain silent around him  when it comes to money, just in case.

When is a bowlful more than a bowl full?

Phil is one of our resident Shakespearean actors. He often plays Hamlet opposite Omlette. Most people recognize him on stage and on screen but not in person. We even have trouble recognizing him on Saturday mornings.

Yes I am with him.

Janet is technically with Phil every time we see her. However she has a technical life away from him in the computer field. She is proof that still waters run deep.

Quiet and an occasional visitor but none the less welcome

Marion joins us when she can.  I enjoy the stories she tells when she does.

Where are you Danny Boy?

Tony is our resident expert on James Joyce. He and Bill are the only ones who have read Finnigan's Wake. Tony also runs the Mexican Saturday Morning Club in San Miguel de Allende.

Another fine actor who graces the Saturday morning stage

Joan is often seen in the company of  Tony but often will appear solo. When not acting in some play or film she performs for us the role of a pleasant lady.

Why does he ususally wear an Expo jacket and not a Blue Jay jacket?

Avi has threatened to write a book on the Saturday Morning Club but it seems he can't get it published since he gave away all his connections.

I just finished riding across Canada on my bike. Ouch!

(To be sung to the melody of Oh Danny Boy.) Oh where have you been Allan Boy, Allan Boy, Oh where have you been charming Allan. I been to Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, Paris, Rome, Peking and others...so there. It's true. The only one who has travelled farther and has more adventures to tell as far as I remember was Gordon Sinclair. Sadly Allan has passed away but is fondly remembered.

Shirley likes to hide her candle under a bushel

Shirley is a delight and has recently joined us. She lives on the American side of the Humber in Mississauga.

World traveller, CBC broadcaster and story teller Joe Cote

Joe and Sharon Cote show up with less frequency then most of our group since they seemingly are traveling to some exotic destination every odd month.

Sharon organizing Joe and maintains their lovely home on the lake in Mississauga.